Wednesday, March 21, 2018

PANOORIN! Megastar Sharon Cuneta Sobra Ang Saya Ng Maka-Dinner Si Pres. Duterte At SAP Bong Go.


It was a special moment for Mega Star Sharon Cuneta to have dined with President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday, March 20, at the Malacañang Palace.

Sharon is known to be a fan of the President, whom she said is a close friend of her late father, Pablo Cuneta. Of course, Sharon did not miss the chance to take selfies with the President.

“Ito po ang mga kinikuwento ko kay Kiko kanina pa. Kumain ng sardines si Tatay Digong kanina, nagcrave tuloy ako. Magsasardinas din kami ni Kiko bago ako matulog,” Sharon said as she posted their group photos on Instagram.

She also brought her brother Chet along with her. While Sharon’s husband Kiko is from the Liberal Party, this doesn’t affected Sharon’s admiration for President Duterte. She previously said that Kiko understands her political stand.

“My beloved only brother with the exact same DNA as mine, Chet, @chetdc9 finally met his idol and hero tonight. My Daddy was a good friend of the President’s. Kuya and I always find ways to make each other happy. Tonight, I was not only happy and honored to have dinner with Pres. Duterte, but also to make my Kuya the happiest I’ve ever been able to make him. Hope you’re happy, Daddy! I love you so much, Kuya ko,” she said, posting a photo of Duterte and her brother.

The last part of her message reads her support and prayer for Duterte’s endeavors.

“And thank you, Mr. President. We pray that God’s hand be upon you so that you may steer our country where He knows it will be best! May God bless you, sir. (Miss you, Mayor Inday!)(Thanks so much for everything, @bernsrp Berna! Luv u!),” she added.

Sharon also posted a photo of the Presidential Gift they received. “My Kuya is so happy that he might go back later to swim in the river around Malacanang. Hahaha!,” she said.

Special Assistant to the President Bong Go also shared on Facebook photos from the dinner. “Dinner with PRRD and Sharon Cuneta, Sarap ng sardinas,” he said.

Sharon has always been a self-confessed fan of Duterte. Last month, Sharon posted a video message of Duterte dedicated to her.

“Maam Sharon thank you for remembering me, I am your good friend and my daughter Sarah ay talagang ina-idolize ka. She has been an avid admirer. Among the many things you have done for my family, I am grateful,” Duterte said on the video.