Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kuwait Hindi Nakapalag Sa Mga Kondisyon Ni Duterte Para Bawiin Ang Deployment Ban Ng Mga OFW. PUMAYAG NA!


The Kuwaiti government has finally accepted the conditions for lifting the deployment ban laid down by President Rodrigo Duterte involving humane treatment of OFWs.

Speaking before a gathering of his supporters in Pasay City on Wednesday night, Mr. Duterte reiterated his conditions for the lifting of the ban and directed Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III to work for Kuwait’s adoption of his terms.

“I said, ‘If this fails to be approved, Silvestre Bello, labor secretary, sorry. No lifting of the ban,” Mr. Duterte said.

According to Mr. Duterte, the Filipino workers’ passports must not be confiscated by Kuwaiti employers, as this is akin to holding them hostage.

The workers must be guaranteed adequate sleep, he said, noting that the tendency in the past was to work Filipinos to the bone and have them serve families other than their employers’.

Filipino workers must also have a day off for them to go to church, he said.

They must also be allowed to cook their own food, Mr. Duterte said, lamenting that there have been Filipino maids in Kuwait who have been fed scraps.

“As I said, we are not slaves. The only sin of these Filipinos is poverty,” he said.

Mr. Duterte also wants Filipinos in Kuwait to be allowed to use and keep their cell phones so they can keep in touch with their families in the Philippines.

And he wants a stop to the practice by Kuwaiti employers of selling Filipino maids to other employers.

Mr. Duterte ordered a halt to the deployment of new workers to Kuwait after the discovery of the body of Filipino domestic helper Joanna Demafelis inside a freezer at an abandoned apartment in Kuwait City on Feb. 7.

Demafelis had been dead for a year when her body was found.

Her Lebanese employer and his Syrian wife fled Kuwait, but they have been arrested by Middle East authorities on a red notice from Interpol.

Source: Youtube