Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ka-DDS Ipinamukha Kay Trillanes Ang Tanong Na Gustong Iparating Ng Mga Pilipino Sa Harap Mismo Ng UN Vienna!


Mabuhay ka Ben Repol, Thanks so much for accepting my friend request. 👏👏👏

Ben is the DDS leader in Austria. This video was captured at the UN in Vienna. Such an excellent question and brave effort by Ben. Trillianes is clearly bothered by it.

I agree entirely with the sentiments of Ben. How about law abiding Filipinos being killed, attacked, robbed or worse by drug addicts and drug lords???

Credit to the person filming. (Hope you don’t mind me sharing, Maraming Salamat po for supporting President Duterte) 👊👊👊

What can you say about the video mga ka-DDS? Post a comment below.

Source: Malcolm Conlan