Saturday, February 10, 2018

PANOORIN! PDuterte At Sen. Pacquiao Naglabas Ng Sama Ng Loob Tungkol Sa Nangyari Sa OFW Kuwait!


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte strongly condemed the death of Filipina worker Joanna Daniela Dimapilis, whose body was found inside a freezer in an abandoned apartment in Al-Shaab, Kuwait on Wednesday.

In line with this, Duterte said he will not order the lifting of the deployment ban on overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to Kuwait, adding that he was ready to take drastic measures to protect and preserve the lives of Filipinos.

Duterte, in a press conference here Friday night, said the Kuwaiti government seemed to be oblivious to the sorry plight of OFWs which has been repeatedly relayed to them over the years.

“How come my countrymen are suffering brutality, cruelty there? You seem to be oblivious about it. What are you doing to my countrymen? If I were to do it to your citizens here, would you be happy?” Duterte said while showing photos of the extent injuries suffered by Dimapilis.

“When will this inhuman treatment of our Filipino workers end? When will the upliftment of their human dignity begin?” he added.

“What is really our fault? It’s very sad; very sad that this is what we get in return,” he continued. “Is there something wrong with your culture? Is there something wrong with the values?”

Duterte also addressed all governments in the Middle East to do something about the reported abuse the OFWs are experiencing under the hands of their employers.

“To the Kuwaiti government and all others where our OFWs work, we seek and expect your assistance in this regard,” he said.

“We do not seek special treatment or privileges for our workers, but we do expect respect for their dignity and basic human rights. Keep them free from harm. I implore you. Nakikiusap ako sa lahat ng mga Arabo (I ask all Arabs),” he added.

“We send to you a Filipino worker, hale and hearty, determined to work his heart out in order to give his family a decent and comfortable life in the Philippines. Do not give us back a battered worker or a mutilated corpse,” he continued.

According to the President, Filipinos are not slaves and that every injury and abuse the Filipinos bear overseas is a strike to the entire nation.

“The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere and everywhere. Every unlawful physical injury that is inflicted on an OFW is an injury [that] I personally bear as the head of this Republic,” Duterte said.

“Every abuse committed against an OFW is an affront against us, as a sovereign nation. [All that] I ask [for] our overseas Filipino workers, is that their dignity is honored and the rights of a human being, upheld and respected,” he added.

The President said that in Kuwait alone, in 2016, there have alaready been 82 reported deaths of OFWs. In 2017, the number reportedly increased to 103.

But Duterte did note how the government seemed to be helpless in dealing with the sufferings of OFWs, adding that the government’s actions seemed to not match the promises it has been making to them.

“It compels us to ask what we, in government, has been doing all these years to protect and give justice to our helpless sons and daughters, brothers and sisters,” he said.

“Sad to state, it seems that our government is as inutile as our foreign workers are helpless in the present state of things. This is a national shame and yet we proclaim the OFW’s the modern heroes of our Republic. Our words and action simply do not match,” he added.

Duterte ensured that his adminisration will do whatever it can at the moment if the Middle Eastern countries will not do anything to address the plight of Filipino workers there.

“If the Philippine government is reduced [into] helplessness because other foreign governments do not heed our requests to protect and give justice to our overseas Filipino workers within the limits that their laws allow, then let me say this both as a matter of personal conviction and national policy, I am ready to take drastic steps that will help preserve Filipino life and limb,” Duterte said.

“We do not intend to offend any government or anyone. But if a ban is what is needed, then let it be so,” he added.

“The ban continues today and I don’t know up to what time. P***** i** hindi ko na masikmura (I can’t stomach this anymore),” he continued.

Duterte was referring to the deployment ban issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) earlier this week as investigation for over 1,000 cases abuses in Kuwait continued.

“It is totally, totally unacceptable to me. Kung wala rin lang akong magawa sa Pilipino, tapos ganito, eh wala akong silbi dito pagka-Presidente. Umalis na lang ako kaya (If I can’t do anything for the Filipinos and this happens, then I’m a useless President. I should just leave then). What for?” he said.

Duterte also directed the DOLE to facilitate the repatriation of OFWs in the Middle East, especially those in Kuwait, within 72 hours. He said that he will ask the Philippine Airlines (PAL) and Cebu Pacific to provide flights for returning OFWs.

“I said to (DOLE) Secretary (Silvestre) Bello, those [OFWs] who want to be repatriated, with or without money, I will ask PAL and Cebu Pacific to provide transportation. I want them out in 72 hours,” he said.

Bello, in the same press conference, said the suspension on the processing and issuance of overseas employment certificates (OEC) for Kuwait-bound OFWs will not be lifted.

Senator Manny Pacquiao, who was also present in the press conference, said he hoped the Kuwaiti government will impose death penalty on the employers of Dimapilis to somehow ease the pain the Filipinos are feeling over the death of the Filipino worker.

President Duterte was reportedly going on a trip to Kuwait next month amid the reported abuses on OFWs there.

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