Thursday, December 7, 2017

Robredo Biglang Kambiyo Sinuportahan Ang Pagdeklara Ni President Duterte Na Terorista Ang CPP-NPA!


Leni Robredo expresses on Wednesday her support on President Rodrigo Duterte's move to declare the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed unit as a "terrorist organization."

Duterte, on December 5, signed a proclamation tagging the CPP and its armed wing, the New People’s Army, as a terrorist group following the collapse of peace talks with the rebels.

The president's order would enable law enforcers to run after individuals who provide financial support to CPP-NPA as Republic Act 10168 criminalizes the financing of terrorism.

Asked if she supports the president’s declaration, Robredo said it was right to designate the CPP-NPA as a terror group if they engage in “terroristic activities” such as killings of civilians and extortion.

“Iyong sa atin po, parating ano ba iyong definition ng terorista? Iyong terorista iyong naghahasik ng lagim na wala namang dahilan. Iyong mga terorista iyong nampapatay pati ng mga sibilyan, nangingikil (For me, what's the definition of a "terrorist"? A terrorist sows fear without any reason. Terrorists are also those who kill civilians and extort money from them),” she said in a radio interview in Isabela.

“Iyong sa akin po, kung iyong ginagawa ng New People’s Army ay mga terroristic activities, nararapat lamang na ideklara na terorista (For me, if the acts committed by the New People's Army are terroristic activities, then it is right that they be declared as a terrorist group),” she added.

Robredo, who belongs to erstwhile ruling Liberal Party, said the problem of extremism should be a concern of all government officials regardless of their political affiliation.

“Kapag sinabi namang terroristic activities, wala ditong pulitika. Kahit anong kulay mo sa pulitika, kailangan labanan talaga ito, kasi ito iyong makakasama talaga—hindi lang sa security natin, pero iyong kabuuang future ng ating bansa (When we say terroristic activities, there's no politics here. Whatever your political color is, we need to fight terrorism because it will harm people's security and the future of our country),” the vice president said.

“Iyong lahat pong mga moves ng ating pamahalaan para isikwal iyong kaguluhan, para isikwal iyong mga illegal activities, para isikwal iyong terroristic activities, sang-ayon po tayo (We support all moves taken by the government to stop lawlessness, illegal activities, and terroristic activities),” she added.

Joining the communist movement has not been a crime since 1992 after the Ramos administration repealed the Anti-Subversion Law, which punishes mere affiliation with the underground left and all its fronts.

The communists have been waging a guerilla war for almost five decades in a bid to topple a capitalist system that has caused one of Asia’s widest rich-poor gaps.

In 2002, the US Department of State designated the CPP-NPA as foreign terrorist organizations.

Communist fighters are known for collecting “revolutionary taxes” from local businesses in rural areas—an activity that authorities qualified as plain extortion.

They are also recognized for their deadly attacks on police and military outposts.

A self-styled socialist, Duterte reactivated peace talks with communists in August last year to end nearly half-century long of insurgency. Both sides have been in on-off negotiations since 1986.

Amid continued clashes during the negotiations, Duterte on November 23 signed a proclamation unilaterally scrapping the peace process with communists.

He said peace talks were called off because of the Left’s “pure nonsense” demand for a coalition government, and the rebels’ supposed lack of sincerity.

In response to the president’s proclamation designating the communist movement as a terrorist organization, National Democratic Front of the Philippines senior adviser Luis Jalandoni also on Wednesday said Duterte is the “real terrorist” because of the mounting fatalities in his drug war.


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