Saturday, November 18, 2017

TP May Mensahe Para Sa CNN Reporter At Rappler Tungkol "Tsismis" Ng Mga Mainstream Media Na Tatakbo Si Mocha!


Thinking Pinoy (RJ Nieto) clarifies that Mocha Uson is not running for Senator as opposed to what the mainstream media are saying, "That CNN Reporter Dale Gacasan Israel and that fake news report about Mocha running for Senate".

Below is a full text of TP's message to CNN Philippines Cebu reporter and ex-Rapplerette Dale Gacasan Israel.

Dear CNN Philippines Cebu reporter and ex-Rapplerette Dale Gacasan Israel,
You are a perfect example of why traditional media men collectively suffer from a major credibility deficit.
Yes, Speaker Alvarez may have insinuated that MOCHA USON BLOG will run for Senate, but how difficult would it be for you to verify that first with Mocha, especially since Mocha was also there at the same venue?
Real news requires verification of claims before publication. Is the House Speaker Mocha's official spokesperson?
Mocha is not even part of PDP Laban, for crying out loud!
Bobo mo gurl.
Your organization clearly didn't verify facts. Unverified facts, unless explicitly stated in a news bit, is not real news.
Craig Silverman of the Toronto Star writes:
"(A journalist's) job is to apply the discipline of verification to everything we gather. That means checking what a source tells you before putting it out there. It means holding off on that hot bit of news to make an extra phone call or bit of checking before sending it out."
But no, it really had to be sent out right away, right?
Gustong sumikat? Well, sikat ka na.
Did you really write the "breaking" news bit reporting that Mocha will run for Senate according to Alvarez?
At may angas pa talaga?
You did not mind allowing someone to be pilloried for something she didn't do?
You're an idiot. You are a disgrace to your profession.
Walang-wala ka sa kalingkingan ni Ina Andolong.
You see, real news requires verification. So, what if it's unverified? What do you call it?
What's the opposite of "real"?
Clue: It starts with an "F".
May nalalaman ka pang "#TranslationforTrolls".
Tigilan mo na ang pagsusulat. Umuwi ka na kasama yung binili mong suka at nang matuloy na yung paksiw!
Or better yet, pay a visit to your alma mater...
Tough Love,
P. S. O tapos ngayong hinarap ka na, bigla mong ipaprivate ang post mo? Hindi mo kayang pangatawanan ang sinusulat mo? Journalist ba talaga, o troll lang?