Saturday, November 4, 2017

TATAY DIGONG! President Duterte Talks To A Crowd Of Kids Much Like How A Father Talks To His Children!


The name "Tatay Digong" as we loved to call him perfectly suits President Rodrigo Duterte as shown in how he speaks with this group of children much like how a real father would be.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is a far cry from the past presidents we had. We got used to stern and formal presidents in the past. Although PRRD gets angry and even shoes a different form of anger even on National TV, the anger that he shows can be compared to that of a father.

His leadership is like that of a parent getting angry with his kids because he only has our best interest at heart.

Never have we had a president that shows he care genuinely for his people. To further show this fact, a video of the president talking in front of kids was posted and people can't get over how he addressed the kids. Just like how a father would.

He said to the kids, he is only getting angry on TV because he doesn't like the bad people to be here.
"Alam mo, anak, alam mo bakit minsan nakikita ninyo ako nagagalit? Sa TV? Kasi yung mga bad people, ayaw ko sila dito sa mundong ito."
This garnered laughter and applause even from the kids themselves. Tatay Digong then continued that he only wants the bad people to go away so no one will mess with the children's lives.
"Kaya gusto ko silang mawala. Para walang gugulo sa buhay ninyo. At pag lumaki na kayo kagaya ng mama niyo at papa niyo, ang buhay ninyo ay di masyadong problema. Walang gulo, walang mag-snatch, walang mag-kidnap, walang lahat. Gusto ko yung mundo na para sa matino lang."
He also added that he will naturally get angry if there are people who are not "matino."
"Yung hindi matino, magkakaron tayo ng problema dyan, magagalit talaga ako."
He then talked about the extrajudicial killings that are being pinned down on him, in a way that the kids he was talking to would understand.
"Sabe ng iba bad boy daw ako, kasi sinasaktan ko daw yung mga taong masama. Minsan sabe nila pinapadala ko sila sa heaven, mauna na sa atin."
Tatay then added that he loved it when he was looking at the kids while praying. He pointed out that one even had intense concentration while praying.
"Kaya ako nandito.. Nandito ako para sa inyo. The reason why I'm here is because I want to see you and just tell you something from my heart."
He ended it by saying that he is only a worker of the government. His job is to protect us.
"Trabahante ako ng gobyerno, at ang aking sinumpaan, ang aking pong trabaho is to protect the people. At yung ating bayan, to preserve it."


Source: IHeartPinas