Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PANOORIN! Isa-isang Pinasabog Ni President Duterte Ang Mga Pabida Ng Dilawan!


President Rodrigo Duterte emphasized that he is not answerable to a foreign leader but to Filipinos.

"You know, I was elected by the people of the Republic of the Philippines. I only answer to the people of the Republic of the Philippines," said Duterte.

He claimed he told Trudeau to doubt "fake news" about thousands of extrajudicial killings being done on his orders.

"What happened to the right to be heard? I told him, did it not occur to you to wonder why they are showing extrajucial killing, they can't even produce when, what happened, when, and how?" said the President.

He cautioned his foreign critics not to trust allegations made by the political opposition or the Left.

"My advice to everybody, the ones that I cursed publicly is, do not get your documents from the opposition and from the communists," said the president.

He also advised foreign dignitaries criticizing his government’s anti-drugs campaign to file a complaint with the United Nations and come up with a definite list of victims of extrajudicial killings he is accused of ordering.

Duterte was also asked if he met with European Council President Donald Tusk on the sidelines of the summit. The President has, on several occasions, slammed European Parliament officials for criticizing his drug war, asking the Philippines not to reinstate the death penalty, and calling for the release of Senator Leila De Lima.

He has also rejected a supposed offer of European aid, claiming the offer included conditions he found encroaches on Philippine sovereignty. 

While Duterte did not directly confirm the meeting, he said, presumably referring to Tusk, “You talk of a democracy, now your heart bleeds for criminals.”


Source: Youtube