Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mga Banat Ni Arnel Ignacio Kay Trillanes! Paano Na Walang Lamang 211-Million Ang Bank Account Ni Duterte!


Sen. Antonio Trillanes just wouldn't stop with his ₱211 million ill-gotten wealth allegation to President Rodrigo Duterte that PAGCOR AVP Arnell Ignacio couldn't help but give him a piece of his mind.

PRESIDENT Duterte insisted that he did not have P211 million in his bank accounts and that if it existed “they can take it”.

At the same time, Duterte reiterated that he would step down from the Presidency if it could be proven that he had deposits outside the Philippines.

“If there is 211 million, they can take it. And I’d be happy if they give me P1,000 and they can…if there is one, they can confiscate it,” Duterte said in a speech during the 116th commemoration of the Balangiga, Eastern Samar encounter between Filipino and American soldiers.

“And if I have a deposit outside of the Philippines, even just for a dollar, I will step down from the Presidency and you can kill me in a moment in the name of those who suffered for the greater good of what is now the Republic of the Philippines,” Duterte added.

Source: Youtube