Sunday, November 12, 2017

DDS Sass Hindi Napigilang Maiyak Habang Kinompronta Ang BBC Reporter Sa ASEAN Summit 2017!


DDS Vlogger Sass Rogando Sasot confronts BBC reporter for not fairly spreading of news and defending Jover Laurio who is behind "Pinoy Ako Blog".

"I am not naive. You know I wasn't born yesterday. I am not stupid." Sass told the reporters.

"My exact address was revealed by these people, But I wasn't on the BBC being interviewed that my safety is at stake." Sass asked the BBC reporters why was she not interviewed when her safety was at stake after they revealed her address.

"She(Jover Laurio) was interviewed there because people are fearing that her safety and security was at stake. But my exact address in the Netherlands was revealed in February by these people but your station DIDN'T CARE!". Sass added.


Source: Youtube