Sunday, November 19, 2017

British Ipinagtanggol Ang Mga Pinoy Sa Panlalait Ni Mais Hamdan, "She is looking for 5 minutes of fame"!


British but Pinoy at heart Malcolm Conlan reacts on Arab Jordanian actress Mais Hamdan who in a live tv broadcast in the Middle East goaded the audience to laugh at Filipinos.

"What she fails to realize is if it wasn't for Filipinos you know the Middle East would be a very lonely place indeed." said Conlan to Hamdan.

"Filipinos are engaged in many different professions including pilots, engineers, customer services in the major hotels in the world, in the medical profession as nurses, as doctors, as healthcare assistants." Conlan added.

"You know the fact is, this lady(Hamdan) needs to appreciate what Filipinos have actually done for the Middle East." Conlan's message to the actress.


Source: Youtube