Wednesday, October 11, 2017

JUST IN! Andres Bautista Hindi Na Makakapag-Resign Dahil Impeach Na Ng House of Representatives!


Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman Andres Bautista was impeached by the House of Representatives a few hours from the announcement of his plans to resign.

Lawmakers rejected the report of the House Committee on Justice that earlier found the impeachment complaint against Bautista insufficient in form, and was thus, considered dismissed.

A total of 137 lawmakers rejected the committee report and voted for Bautista’s impeachment, 75 legislators voted in favor of the report and against the Comelec chief’s impeachment, while two legislators abstained from voting.
Before the plenary vote, lawmakers held a caucus and reportedly discussed about Bautista’s impeachment, according to House insiders.

The committee members earlier trashed the complaint for using a verification form used only for complaints endorsed by one-third of the members of the House.

But with the plenary vote rejecting the committee report (Committee Report No. 429 on House Resolution No. 1397), and with more than one-third of the 292 House members voting to impeach Bautista, he was deemed impeached.

The House is expected to prepare the Articles of Impeachment to be sent to the Senate, which will sit as an impeachment court, for trial.

Earlier in the day, Bautista said he was resigning his post “by the end of the year.”

Bautista disclosed his decision “with deep sadness” in a letter to “my Comelec family” dated Tuesday, October 11, that he posted both on his Twitter account. He also held a news conference after his announcement.

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez cast his vote against the committee report, saying the “charges against the Comelec chair were very serious.”


Source: Youtube